Our Story

Over the last year and a half I have experienced a weird feeling that I think everybody experiences during their life. I felt like my life was predetermined by societies standards - going to school, attending college, getting a job, working my way up the career-ladder and starting a family. I felt like this scheme would not let me live life to the fullest. I was driven to create something that influences others lifes in a positive way and lets me and them enjoy life not only on the weekends. After a long time I concluded some important principles to follow in order to achieve freedom. I realized you need to be passionate about what you do.. No.. you need to do what you are passionate about in order to achieve success and happiness. And I want you to live that way in order for you to be happy. Even if it seems impossible one must chase their passion in order to be truly free. Although success does not only come with passion but also self-awareness, hard work, empathy, trusting your own opinion, gratefulness and an understanding of perception; I consider following ones passion to be the first and most crucial step in order to achieve true happiness and success.